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based on my stock knowledge, i think hipparchus is the father of trigonometry.....

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Q: Who are the fathers of trigonometry and their contributions?
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Mathematicians and their contributions to trigonometry?

Several great mathematicians have made contributions to trigonometry. Pitiscus wrote books on plane and spherical trigonometry, and Hipparchus produced a table of chords.

What are the contributions of Indian mathematics to trigonometry?


What were the contributions the founding fathers did?

they were the best fathers in the world.

What contributions to mathematics did Benjamin Banneker make?

he made trigonometry

What are the contributions of Abraham de Moivre in trigonometry?

moivre's formula

Thales' contributions in trigonometry?

There is no Contribution of Thales in the field of trignometry.........

What were the contributions of Arab scholars?

The contributions of Arab scholars was trigonometry. They also contributed other thing such as their intelligence . :D :)

What are the contributions of georg joachim iserin at trigonometry?

biography of georg joachim iserin

What is the mathematical contributions by the Muslims?

Centuries ago, Islam created the mathematics of 'Trigonometry'.

Who is founder of trigonometry?

No one in particular because trigonometry has evolved over thousands of years with many ancient and modern mathematicians making their own discoveries and contributions to the subject.

What are the chief contributions of the founding fathers?

The Declaration of Independence The Constitution of the United States

What are the contributions of trigonometry to present day mathematics?

Trig is present day math but maybe you mean calculus. its a huge part of calculus.

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