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The five current members of Powerman 5000 are Michael Cummings (aka Spider One), Adrian Ost (aka Ad7), Gustavo Aued (aka X51) , Nick Quijano (aka sci55ors) and Jesse Suave according to Wikipedia. There have been several changes to the band membership over the years.

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Q: Who are the members of Powerman 5000?
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Who sang the song Powerman 5000 Music?

There is no song called Powerman 5000 Music. However Powerman 5000 is the name of a popular band. They are known for their heavy metal genre and were formed in 1991.

What's the song by Powerman 5000?

there is a lot of songs by powerman 5000 and i think a is for apathy is kind of good but not the best

Is powerman 5000 and rob zombie brothers?

Yes, his stage name is 'Spider'. He was in the band Powerman 5000.

What are the release dates for Headbangers Ball - 1987 Powerman 5000 episode?

Headbangers Ball - 1987 Powerman 5000 episode was released on: USA: 7 June 2003

How old is Spider One from Powerman 5000?


What band does rob zombie's brother spider in?

PM5K (Powerman 5000).

What are the release dates for The Vinnie Langdon Show - 2004 Powerman 5000 2-20?

The Vinnie Langdon Show - 2004 Powerman 5000 2-20 was released on: USA: 5 October 2005

Is powerman 5000 still a band?

No, as far as I can tell- the singer has moved on to other projects.

What is rob zombie's brothers name?

His name is Michael David Cummings an he is in Powerman 5000

How much does powerman 5000 platinum sales award cost?

I paid around $300 for mine.

What is the name of the lead singer of powerman 5000?

His name is Spider. He is the younger brother of Rob Zombie

What is rob zombies brothers band called?

White Zombie