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He studied at many schools with his followers and Pythagoras the mathematician from around 300BC was his main influence.

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2010-08-12 19:06:16
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Q: Who did Pythagoras study with and who influenced him in his mathematical discoveries?
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Pythagoras fields of study?


What are some unique factors of Pythagoras?

Some unique factors of Pythagoras is that he wasn't interested in math but formed the school that is of great mathematical study in its time. He followed a list of rules that pythagoreans followed, some without explanation; he would not eat meat, and stuff.

What field of math did Pythagoras study in?


Who further developed the study of algebra?


Was Pythagoras of samos gay yes or no?

Pythagoras never commented on his sexuality, and it has no bearing on his contributions to the study of mathematics.

What other M word did Pythagoras study?


Where did Pythagoras study?

Most of europe and some of asia

Is the study of science purely about inventions and discoveries?

The study of science is not purely about inventions and discoveries. We also talk about our Nature, Universe and our Body systems...

How does Pythagoras theorem actually help in the study of mathematics?


Why was Pythagoras so important?

Pythagoras (570? BC- 495 BC) is recognized as a philosopher and mathematician, one who devoted his life to the study of numbers. He recognized how mathematical concepts related to everyday life, and created a school to encourage future scholars. He developed the religious philosophy Pythagoreanism, which eventually came into conflict with the established religions in Croton, a Greek city in Italy. His studies led to discovering the mathematical nature of music. The Pythagorean Theorem, which relates the lengths and angles within a right triangle, is named for Pythagoras. (see related link)

What other M-word did Pythagoras study and connect with mathematics?


What four numbers did Pythagoras study?

2, 3, 4, and 10.

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