Who discovered the zero?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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arjyabhatta, a great Indian astronomer

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Q: Who discovered the zero?
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Where was zero discovered?

zero discovered in India in 400 BC in maharashtra

Who discovered zero?

The first real zero came from an Indian mathematician named Aryabhatta .

How he discovered the zero?

zero was an extra number

What did aryabhatta discovered?

Aryabhata Discovered Zero [ 0 ] Numeric Great Indian Mathematician & Astronomer.

Who discoverd zero?

The MAYANS discovered the concept of zero:)

When was the zero discovered?

by an indin man

How zero was discovered?

It was a human invention. It did not exist in some dimension waiting to be discovered.

What contributions did Bhaskaracharya have on math?

zero was discovered by him

When was zero discovered?

before 400BC by aryabhatt

What was the name of the person that discovered zero?

it was yannick boua

Where does zero come from?

The Maya, or possibly the Olmecs, discovered it.

Who was discovered the zero number write name?