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The speed of any wave is the product of (wavelength) x (frequency) .

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Q: Who does the speed of a wave relate to its wavelength and frequency?
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How does frequencey relate to wavelength?

Frequency = (wave speed) divided by (wavelength)Wavelength = (wave speed) divided by (frequency)Wave speed = (frequency) multiplied by (wavelength)

How does speed of wave relate to wavelength and frequency?

The product of (wavelength x frequency) is the wave's speed.

How does the wave equation relate a wave's speed to its wavelength?

A wave's speed is equal to its wavelength times its frequency.

How does a frequency of a wave relate to its wavelength?

the speed of light = wavelength x frequency so frequency = speed of light/ wavelength of frequency = 3.00 x 10^8 / wavelength

What is the equation for finding the wavelength of a wave?

wavelength = (wave speed) / (frequency) frequency = (wave speed) / (wavelength) Wave speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)

What is the correlation between wavelengths and frequency?

Wavelength = wave speed/frequency Frequency = wave speed/wavelength (Wavelength) x (Frequency) = Wave speed

How wavelength of wave traveling with the same speed would change if the frequency of the wave increase?

The speed of a wave is equal to the wavelength divided by the frequency (speed = wavelength/frequency). So if the frequency of the wave increases, the wavelength will decrease.

What is the relationship between wavelength wave frequency and wave velocity?

wave velocity (m/s) = frequency (Hz) x wavelength (m) wavelength = wave speed / frequency frequency = wave speed / wavelength

What is the mathematical relationship between frequency wavelength and wave speed?

Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength) Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency) Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)

How does wave speed relate to wavelength and period?

Wave speed = (wavelength)/(period)

How are the frequency and the wavelength of a wave traveling at a constant speed related?

frequency = speed of wave / wavelength so if speed is constant then frequency varies inversely with wavelength

What is the speed of a wave with a wavelength of 0.60m and a frequency of 240 hz?

The speed of a wave is the product of its wavelength and its frequency.

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