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Unknown. It was many years ago and the computer won't tell

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Q: Who founded the New York government?
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What is the date New York was founded?

New york was founded in 1664

Who founded New York Colony?

The New York coloney was founded by Duke of York in 1664

When was New York City founded?

New York City was founded in 1664.

Who first founded New York New York?

New York, New York (New York City) was first founded in 1624 as a trading post by Dutch colonists.

Why was New York colony founded?

The New York Colony was founded for religious freedom

What year was New York University founded?

New York University founded in 1831.

What year were New York Giants founded?

The New York Giants were founded in 1925.

When was the colony founded in New York?

it was founded in 1664 by the duke of York

Who founded New York in 1626?

Peter Minuit is said to of founded New York in 1626.

When was new yourk founded?

New York was founded in 1624 :)

Who founded the colony of New York?

A settler named Peter Minuit founded the colony of New York.They duke of york

Why was newyork founded?

new york was founded because they like founding things named new york

Reason New York colony was founded?

new york colony was founded because of religious freedom

When was New York made?

New York is Founded in 1626.

When did New York become a colony?

The Colony of New York was founded in 1664. New Netherland was founded in 1624. The Duke of York took it from the founders and renamed it New York in 1664.

Who was New York founded by?

AnswerThe Dutch founded New York.But they called it New Amsterdam.

When did the duke of york found New York?

The Duke of York founded New York in 1664.

Where was aeropostale founded?

It was established in New York City, New York.

Who were the founders of the New York colony?

the Duke of York founded the colony of New York

When was the Port authority of New York and New Jersey founded?

The Port Authority of New York was founded in April 1921. It was later renamed the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Who founded the colony New york?

The Duke Of York

What colony was founded by the Duke of York?

New York.

Who in the Dutch founded New York?

duke of york

Who found New York New York?

New York was founded by the Dutch, it was first called New Amsterdam.

What year was New York founded?

New Amsterdam was founded around 1625. The English took control and renamed it New York in 1664.