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Q: Who gave 160 acres of land to Native American families?
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What law gave native Americans 160 acres of land if they gave up their religion?

The Dawes Act of 1887 offered Native Americans 160 acres of land if they agreed to give up their communal land ownership system and adopt individual farming practices. This law aimed to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream American society by encouraging them to become independent farmers.

What pieces of legislation served to break off the communal nature of Native American land ownership?

Native American groups were communal and Americans were very individualistic. The federal government sought to break Native Americans of their communal nature and force them to assimilate with the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887. The Act gave citizenship and 160 acres of land to the heads of households of individual Native American families or 80 acres to single adults or orphans. Adults could not gain full title to the property for 25 years. The Bureau of Indian affairs even sent Native American children to boarding schools to force assimilation.

What gave all men of a household 160 acres?

Not sure why this question is in the Bible area, but it was the Dawes Act of 1887 that gave Native Americans 160 acres of land.

The law which gave 160 acres of land to famlies settling parts of the west was the?

Homestead Act of 1862 gave 160 acres of land to families settling parts of the West.

Toward the end of the Civil War General Sherman's Special Field Order No 15 did which of the following?

it gave 40 acres of land and mule of freed African americans

Why did the native American genocide end?

Native American Genocide finally ended in 1582.. The finally gave them more rights and more equality to the Whites.

Who gave Milwaukee its name?

The origin is Native American, either Potawatomi or Ojibwe.

How did the Native American get wealthy?

Because Oglethorpe gave them money and from trading with Europe.

What was general Sherman's special field order 15?

Special Field Order, Number 15 stated: A. gave freed slaves the right ti find their families members who had been sold away. B. set aside the Sea Islands and 40 acres tracts of land in South Caroline and Georgia for black families. C. gave 40 acres and a mule to blacks who wished to move to the unsettled American Southwest. D. gave his army instructions to burn their way through the South to the coast E. establish the Freedmen's Bureau to help blacks make the transition from slavery to freedom.

What native American tribe gave the Chinese that fusang tree?

None. Fusang is a myth.

What enabled the NAtive American Pilgrims to survive the starving time?

indians gave them food that winter

How does the Micmac respond to the Europeans beliefs about Native American?

This is what my tech gave us , maybe it will help