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Win = 6/11, lose = 4/11, tie = 1/11.

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Q: Who hockey team wins 6 game loses 4 games and ties one game what fraction of the games did they win lose tie?
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What percent is there to win a hockey game?

50% two teams, 1 wins, 1 loses

What was the shortest game in ice hockey?

Hockey games are all the same length.

Which games in the Pakistani national games?

Hockey is the national game of Pakistan

What are the National Games of India?

Hockey is the National game of India...............

Will there be a hockey game for PSP?

Try stopped making psp games...

Was hockey in the olympic games?

Yes, hockey was chosen to be in the Winter Olympic Games 2010. Their is a game on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010. It is Canada vs USA

Can you open the fever hockey in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games?

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If a team loses a game in FIFA World Cup are they automatically out?

No, they get some more games after that

What is old hockey's real name?

The game as we know it today has always been called hockey or ice hockey. The game probably derived from the Irish game of hurling, the English game of field hockey, the North American Indian game of lacrosse and even the Spanish game of shinty. In fact an informal game of hockey, either on ice or on land, is often referred to in Canada as "shinny". Our modern game has incorporated aspects of all the games above.

What happens when you fight during Olympic hockey games?

Players fighting in Olympic hockey receive a match penalty and are ejected from the game.

Which first country defeated India at Olympics?

In hockey, that was Pakistan in the gold medal game at the 1960 Games in Rome.It was the first loss for India in 31 hockey games at the Olympics and ended their incredible streak of 6 consecutive gold medals in hockey.