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Different symbols were introduced by different people.

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Q: Who introduced the symbols in mathematics?
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Who introduced mathematics?


The addition sign was introduced into mathematics by who?

johann widman

What is Math and Arithmetic?

Mathematics is a difficult term to define as it covers many areas. Mathematics can be defined as the study of measurements and properties of quantities using numbers and symbols. Mathematics also includes proofs of theorems, other than the numbers and symbols. Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that deals with properties of numbers.

Who introduced phonetic symbols?

The very first phonetic symbols were introduced by the Egyptions, around 2700 BCE. They were a set of 24 Hieroglyphics that represented consonant sounds.

What branch of mathematics in which letter or symbols are used instead of numbers?


Who introduced the symbols that represent the elements?

Jacob Berzelius

Who introduced the usefulness of mathematics to obtain scientific results?

Galileo galilei

What is one Renaissance achievement in mathematics?

The creation of new math symbols. [for example: they created the symbols for the square root and for positive(+) and negative(-) numbers.

What is the study of the measurements properties and relationships of wuantities and sets using numbers and symbols?


What is a branch of mathematics which treats the relations and properties of quantity by means of letters and symbols?


What does this mathematical symbol mean?

it means the common symbols and expression used in mathematics,geometry and statistics.

What were RenΓ© Descartes main contributions to mathematics?

He introduced coordinated geometry and the Cartesian plane