Who invent radius of earth?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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If you are a believer, then God did but if you are not, then nobody did. The radius of the earth existed and therefore ots radius did before there was any form of life on earth to invent it.

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Q: Who invent radius of earth?
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What is Venus' radius as compared to the Earth's?

Venus has a radius of about 6,052 kilometers, which is about 95% of Earth's radius.

What is the radius of earth in kilometers?

The radius of Earth is approximately 6,371 kilometers.

How does Venus compare with the earth radius and mass?

Venus' radius = 0.95 of Earth's Venus' mass = 0.815 of Earth's

What is Europa's diameter compared to earth?

Europa: 1561 km radius Earth: 6371 km radius The diameter is twice the radius.

How many times greater is the radius of earth compared to Venus?

The radius of Earth is about 0.95 times greater than the radius of Venus.

If radius of mars is 3397km how many times larger is the earth?

Earth's radius is about 6,371 km, so Earth's radius is approximately 1.88 times larger than Mars.

Mercury's radius is what percent of Jupiter's radius?

Mercury's radius is 0.3825 that of Earth Jupiter's radius is 11.209 that of Earth So: (0.3825/11.209)*100 = 3.41 percent.

Distance of moon in comparison to radius of earth?

Distance from Earth to Moon is approximately 60.34 times larger than radius of Earth.

Name two differences between the moon and earth?

the moon's radius is about one quarter the radius of earth The moon has no atmosphere and the earth does

What is the Moon's mass and radius compaed with earth?

Mass: Earth's is 81.7 times the moon's mass.Radius: Earth's is 3.67 times the moon's radius.

How big is ceris compared with earth?

Ceres has an average radius of about 470 kilometers; Earth's radius is about 6371 kilometers.

What is the radius of Earth's crust?

The approximate radius of the Earth's center to it's surface is about 6,371 kilometers, which is about 3.959 miles.