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a guy who invented the bouncy ball...

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Q: Who invented the first bouncy ball?
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Related questions

Who invented the super bouncy ball?

Norman Stingley invented the bouncy ball in 1964

Who was the person who invented the bouncy ball?

bouncy ball invented by Norman Stingley, and manufactured by Wham-O in 1965.

Who created bouncy balls?

Norman Stingley invented the bouncy ball.

Who invented the bounce ball?

The bouncy ball was invented by Norman Stingley and manufactured by Wham-O in 1965

When was the Bouncy Ball invented?

bouncy ballIt was invented in 1965 by a chemist named Norman Stingley. Norman figured it out by compressing rubber.

Where did Norman stingley invent the bouncy ball?

He invented it in America

What state was the bouncy ball invented in?

California. It was invented by a chemist named Norman Stingley.

What bounces more a golf ball or a bouncy ball?

Bouncy ball

When was Bouncy ball created?

Bouncy ball was created in 1965.

What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a bouncy ball?

bouncy ball

What year was the first bouncy ball invented?

Superball of the later 60's or early .70's The exact year was 1965.

Is a super ball a bouncy ball?

yes bouncy means super

What is the volume of a bouncy ball?


What is the difference of a bouncy ball and a jet ball?

A bouncy ball is a small ball that is made soley of rubber and bounces. There are only 7 Bouncy Ball Breeds Reconized by the BBA (Bouncy Ball Association) Jet Ball is a video game.

Where was the first bouncy ball created?

by the person who made it XP

Which one of the balls bounces the longest a tennis ball a soft ball or a bouncy ball?

A bouncy ball.

What is the bounciest ball?

a bouncy ball its a bouncy ball called a superball

What is the biggest bouncy ball in the world?

The world's biggest bouncy ball is your mom.

How much will a bouncy ball be?

a bouncy ball can be any were from 25 cents or to 2$

Does a bouncy ball have volume or mass?

yes, a bouncy ball has volume and mass.

Who invented the bouncy castle?

Ted Bouncy

Is a bouncy ball recyclable?

A bouncy ball is indeed recyclable. This is because bouncy balls are made out of complex rubbers and plastics which are recyclable.

How bouncy are lacrosse balls?

Usually very bouncy, more bouncy then a tennis ball or basically any other sports ball

Does a frozen bouncy ball bounce higher or lower then an unfrozen bouncy ball?

a frozen bouncy ball will not bounce higher or lower than an unfrozen one it will shatter

Which ball bounces higher a bouncy ball or a basketball?

small bouncy balls will bounce higher