Who invented the first shower?

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Have you ever been in a rain storm?

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Q: Who invented the first shower?
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Who invented the shower?

The Egyptians & the Greeks invented the shower.

Where was the shower invented?


Who invented the first American shower?

Frances G. Bateson

Where was the shower cap invented?


Why was the shower invented?

the greeks and egytians

When was shower gel invented?


When was the shower head invented?


Who invented the first shower and what year?

There are many claims to shower invention--ancient Indians, Egyptians, Greeks. The ancient Greeks are said to be inventors of the first conventional shower for their athletes to shower in after competitions. During caveman days water was poured over each hunter for a shower. Hungarians also boast of inventing the showers since they frequently poked sticks in the ground and thermal water would come up. The Romans invented the first spa in Hungary and it is the world leader in spas.

What is the name of the greek inventor that invented the shower?

The first Greek to invent the shower was Aqueus Sprinkilus. Unfortunately, he had a serious nasal operation, where the surgeon reconnected his nose upside down. He died of drowning in his own shower.

Who invented the pedal shower in 1897?

The pedal shower or the Velo-douche was invented in 1897 in England. The device was a stationary bicycle that had a tube that pumped water on to the rider. There is no public record of who actually invented the pedal shower however.

Who invented showers?

i invented a shower and yeah i got billions of dollars:D13

What syllable in shower is stressed?


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