Who is better LFC your EFC?

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Q: Who is better LFC your EFC?
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When was LFC TV created?

LFC TV was created in 2007.

How many times have Lfc won league cups?

Lfc? what do you mean...Liverpool FC?

What is the highest efc?

The highest EFC that can be calculated is 99,999.

Is it better to have a lower or higher EFC number?

! Your EFC (estimated family contribution) number is used to determine your eligibility for federally sponsored financial aid. The university will subtract your EFC number from the total cost of attending that school to determine how much aid you should receive. Generally, the lower your EFC number, the more financial aid you will be eligible to receive. Source:

What is the LFC of 6 and 15?

The LCF is 1. The GCF is 3. The LCM is 30. The GCM is infinite. The LFC does not exist.

How many hat-tricks has Fernando Torres scored?

Fernando Torres has scored a total of five hat-tricks in competitive matches; Spain v San Marino LFC v Reading LFC v Middlesbrough LFC v West Ham LFC v Hull

Is the LFC Online site affiliated with the Liverpool football team?

The LFC Online site is, in fact, affiliated with the Liverpool football team. For more information about the team or the coaches, check out the LFC Online site.

Who is LFC's captian?

steven Gerrard

What religion is Kenny dalgleish?


Did Barcelona Football Club ever defeat Liverpool FC?

Barcelona head to head matches with Liverpool Barça 1-3 LFC LFC 5-2 Barça LFC 2-1 Barça

How Many Leagues Have Liverpool Won?

18 leagues LFC 19 leagues MUFC 1 league different but LFC is the best!!!!!!!! :)

What does lfc stand for?

Liverpool football club

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