Who is better cr7 or cr9?

Updated: 9/30/2022
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Cr7 is better than cr9. Cr7 aus for Portugal cr9 plays for Brazil

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Q: Who is better cr7 or cr9?
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Is cr7 better then messi?

is cr7 better then messi

Does Ronoldo play still for man you?

first of all its spelled ronaldo and second which ronaldo are you talking about? (r9) which is the original ronaldo or crisitano ronaldo (cr7 or cr9).Neither of the two play in Manchester united cause cr7 is playing for real Madrid.

Why did ronaldo change his football kit number real Madrid?

CR had a brand called CR7. Since Raul wears the shirt No.7, when moving to real madrid, CR had to pick another number (9). After Raul left the team to schalke at 2010, CR was able to return to his old shirt number , and the brand return to be called CR7, instead of CR9.

What did CR7 do as a kid?

cr7 played soccer

Who earns the most between messi and cr9?

Messi!! becaues cr9 sucks now because messi is taking over now

Who you better at soccer Cristiano Ronaldo or xabi alonso?

Christiano Ronaldo by far! CR7♥

Does CR7 have friends?

Yeah, he does.

How many appearances did CR7 make at Man U?

CR7 makes 196 appearances for Man Utd from 2003 to 2009.

Who is the legendary striker?

cR7 for sure

Does CR7 stand for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yes, it does :)

Who is the most expensive forward in football?


What is the name of a plain in Europe?

swagdady cr7