Who is better robinho or nani?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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robinho is definetly better he controlls his left side of the wing very well, rarely turns over the ball, to me nani is not in the same category as robinho, he turnover he ball to give out costly wins and also tries to do to much on his own, so therefore robinho would be the smarter and obvious choice

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Q: Who is better robinho or nani?
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Who is better ronldinho or robinho?

robinho because he has made a better impact in milan than roni

The world best soccer player is ...........1 robinho......2 neymar.......3 Nani?

Actually, it is currently Lionel Messi.

Is drogba better than Nani?

yes drogba is better than nani

Who is better kaka or robinho?

of course kaka.

Is David Villa better then Robinho?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo better than robinho?

of course he is

Is David Villa better than Robinho?


Is nani better than ronaldo?

no nani is not better than ronaldo because ronaldo has more shot power and a better free kick

Is Torres better than nani?


Which footballer is better nani or fabregas?

Nani has more skills but Fabregas has higher attribute ratings. The answer is probably Fabregas!

What club does Robinho?

Robinho now plays for A.c.Milan.

Does Nani speak Portuguese?

If you mean Nani who previously played for Manchester United, yes he does.