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Q: Who is called as 'The Father of the Geometery'?
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What does vertex mean in geometery?

It is a 'corner' of a polygon.

Figures or angles that have the same size and shape?


What is a geometery word that starts with j?

A word used in geometery starting with a J is justification. You use it when you are given a situation you need to solve. The justification is either a postulate or theorem that proves that how you get your answer is right.

What branch of mathematics is Archimedes famous for?

he was famous for geometery,ratio and shapes

What are the three building blocks of geometry?

There are Four building blocks of geometery. They are; theorems, postulates, definitions, and undefined terms. They are terms that prove statements in geometery. The undefined terms include a point, line and plane.

Geometery is defined as what?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the position, size, and shape of figures.

What is the science of shaping objects?

I'm not sure I understand the question but the sciences that study shapes are Geometery and Topology.

What angles start with a in geometery?

How about 'acute' angles which are greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees.

What is Euclid of Alexandria famous for?

the use of a deductive system...which is extremely hard to explain....Euclid is referred to as the Father of Geometery. Teachings from Euclid's book Elements has been used as the main textbook for mathematics, including geometry, for over two thousand years.

What gcses should you take to be a forensic scientist?

maths English triple science (chemistry,biology,'geometery maybe')

What are three contributions to mathematics for euclid?

he was the father of geometery. 3 contributions are:::----He found out that they are infinetly prime numbers----Euclid's algorithm- commonly known as HCF----He proved out that there are 5 platonic solidsThats all i know but im not sure that they're rite. i hoped it helped! :)

What is geometery dealing with 3D shpes?

it ids dealing with what a shape means so example 1x1 1 so it is 5