Who is espada number two?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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This old man named Barragan

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Q: Who is espada number two?
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What espada number is lilinette?

Lilynette isn't technically an espada, she's Starrk's fraccion. However since both starrk and lilynette are two halves of the same whole she could be considered the first espada.

What espada number is Grimmjow?


Who is nnoitra?

noitra is an arrancar, also a memeber of the espada. He is the number 5 espada. He is a character in the manga and anime: Bleach

What is the espada?

they are the highest rank of arrancar. that are the best when it comes to fighting. they range from 0-10. the lower the number the better the espada.

How do Arrancar numbers work?

Arrancars numbered 1 to 10 are the Espada. They are ranked in order of power, number 1 being the most powerful Espada and 10 being the least. After number 10 the numbers are allocated in order of creation. Number 11 is the first Arrancar created by Aizen and so on... In the case of numbers over 100, they are the "Fallen Espada"; former members of the Espada that were kicked out of the ranks for doing bad things. Although they are no longer Espada, they still posses immense power.

Is nel an espada?

she was the 3rd espada in the past

Who would win Akatsuki or Espada?


Who is stronger ulquiorra or yammy?

When Yammy isn't in his released form, Ulquiorra is stronger because he is the Cuarta Espada (the 4th Espada) and Yammy is the Decima Espada (the 10th Espada). But when Yammy is in his released form, he becomes the Ciero Espada (the Zero Espada) and that makes him stronger than Ulquiorra. - Sukineko

How do espada from bleach move up a number if they have their number tattooed on their body?

They likely tattoo their new number but is not shown how they get their new number tattooed.

When was Ángel Espada born?

Ángel Espada was born in 1948.

When did Granado Espada happen?

Granado Espada happened in 2007.

When was Martín Espada born?

Martín Espada was born in 1957.