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Kadour Ziani is a professional dunker from Slam Nation who holds world's vertical jump record. (60 inches)

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Q: Who is kadour ziani?
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What is kadour ziani's vertical?

60 inches

Who has the highest vertical jump?

Kadour Ziani

What is the highest vertical leap?

61 inches by kadour ziani

What is Kadour Ziani's vertical leap?

He says 56 inches.

Highest vertical jump?

61 inches held by kadour ziani

What is the highest vertical jump?

61 inches held by Kadour Ziani

What is the world record for vertical jump?

61 inches held by Kadour Ziani

Which athlete holds the record for highest vertical leap?

Vertical leap World RecordA Frenchman from Algeria named Kadour Ziani has leapt 60" to 61". (see related link on NBA Basketball)

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Ofcourse he is. he is married and has 2 children. ofcourse he would be married by now with that sexy face of his. im going to kill his wife and i know he will marry me one day. you will see. his wife is very fat and ugly