Who is stronger zero or megaman x?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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Zero starts out stronger than x but x can grow limitlessly with lights armors and his enemies powers needlessly to say zero has much potential to get stronger which is stated when you choose to get the black armor in x 5 zero states he doesn't need the power but when obtained his damaged is cut in half and he erases bullets with his saber also he cannot go maverick with the sigma virus it makes him stronger and he thus becomes nightmare zero which is his true form and in command mission he can become absolute zero in which he becomes much stronger and faster and can warp towards enemies and attack with great speed. Imo I feel zero is stronger but both reploids have a potential to grow stronger than the other also although zero doesn't obtain powers like x he learns new moves and is highly skilled at using any and all weapons without a problem.

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Your question doesn't make sense.

It is not grammatically correct therefore I am unable to answer it.

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Q: Who is stronger zero or megaman x?
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Does zero face x in the Megaman x series?

zero faced x in megaman x2 if u didn't collect the zero parts and in megaman x5

Who is better Megaman or zero?

well megaman is tough and has his abilities. but zero is stronger and has more ZERO is way better..

Does zero of the Megaman zero series become the zero in Megaman X?

its actually the reverse. In the Megaman X series zero can either be sealed away into a capsule or the series continues as normal. The capsule ending signals the beginning of the megaman Zero series.

Megaman x7 zero's black armorZ?

is the black zero in megaman x 7 please tell me

What game did zero from mega man appear in?

Zero first appeared in Megaman X for the Super Nintendo.

How do you get zero in Megaman x 6?

you get Zero after defeating 4 investigaters and going to the area with the giant robot. you fight the Zero Virus and get Zero

What is the cheat for unlocking nightmare zero in Megaman x6?

u can unlock nightmare zero to megaman x6 in?

Is zero a playable character in mega man maverick hunter x?

Nope, you can unlock Vile but Zero? you can't unlock zero in megaman maverick hunter x, after you have beaten the game, you'll gonna unlock Vile, but not Zero...

How To Unlock Omega Zero In Megaman Zero Collection?

first go to megaman zero 3 and defeat omega and save in level select

Where can you download Megaman zero 5?

there is no Zero 5.

How do you get black zero in megaman zero 3 gba?

To get Black Zero on the game Megaman Zero for the Game Boy Advance, you must play the game on hard mode.

How many megaman series are there?

When it comes to games, there is the original Megaman series, the Megaman X series, Megaman Zero series, Megaman ZX series, Megaman Legends, Megaman Battlenetwork, and Megaman Starforce. He has also appeared in various Capcom fighter games. When it comes to TV series, there is Megaman.EXE, Axess, Stream, Beast, and Beast+ as well as a full-length feature film from the Stream storyline.