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Q: Who is the One who marries more than once?
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What is it called when one has more than one wife?

Definition of Polygamy Polygamy means a system of marriage whereby one person has more than one spouse. Polygamy can be of two types. One is polygyny where a man marries more than one woman, and the other is polyandry, where a woman marries more than one man.

What do you call a person that marries more than one wife?


Is it polygamy if a woman marries more than one man?

Yes. The dictionary definition of polygamy does not differentiate between a man having or a woman having more than one spouse.The general term is polygamy. When a man marries more than one woman it is called polygyny. When a women marries more than one it is called polyandry.There is also bigamy which is the term used for a person who knowingly marries while still married to someone else. Their "new" spouse is unaware of the existing marriage and bigamy is a felony.

What type of marriage is polygamy?

Polygamy is a type of marriage where one is married to more than one person. It is usually where a man marries more than one woman but it can include a woman marrying more than one man.

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Very confused =)

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