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the biggest wrestler is the big show

I wonder how he/she became the bestest wrestler in the world?

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โˆ™ 2009-12-12 00:12:14
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Q: Who is the biggest wrestler in the world?
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Who is the biggest wrestler?

Jeff Hardy!! The biggest wrestler i have ever heard of is Giant Haystacks, and he weighed around 670lbs

Who is the best wrestler in he world?

The best wrestler in the world is cm punk

Who is the most powerful wrestler in the world?

johncena is the best wrestler in the world

Who is the biggest athlete?

The biggest athlete is The Big Show. He is a wrestler in WWE. He is about 8 feet tall.

Who was Biggest wrestler ever?

Giant Gonzalez Andre the Giant

Who is the most expensive wrestler?

rock is the most expensive wrestler in the world

Is brock lesnar the best wrestler in the world?

No, It is an opinion of what WWE wrestler is the best.

Who was the worlds biggest WWE wrestler ever?

Jeff hardy

How many pounds is the biggest sumo wrestler?

The heaviest wrestler on record is Konishiki Yasokichi. He weighted in at 264 Kilograms. The next closest is 35 kg below that.

What are the release dates for World Premiere - 2003 The Wrestler?

World Premiere - 2003 The Wrestler was released on: USA: 2008

Who is not the best wrestler in the world?

John Cena He Sucks the best wrestler is MOISES Colin Delaney Stinks

Who is the strongest wrestler in the world?

Ultimate Warrior

Who is the toughest wrestler in the world?

john cena

Who is the best wrestler in the world 2011?


What are the biggest tournaments in the world?

The biggest tournament in the world is The World cup.

What is biggest world record?

The Biggest World Record

What is the biggest butterfies in the world?

what are the biggest butterflies in the world

Who is the largest wrestler in the world?

The wrestler who goes by the name of Big Show is 7 feet tall and weighs 485 pounds!

Is the undertaker a full time wrestler?

Undertaker is currently hired as a full time performer / wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Where is the biggest movie screen in the world?

The biggest screens in the world are under the IMAX brand. The biggest IMAX screen (biggest screen) in the world is in Sydney, Australia.

What is the biggest industry in the world?

Tourism is the biggest industry in the world

What is the biggest contenint in the world?

Asia is the biggest continent in the world.

Which is biggest plane in world?

the An-225 is the biggest plane in the world

Is Greenland a biggest country in the world?

No, but it is the biggest island in the world.

What is the biggest university in the world?

in area which is the biggest university in the world