Who is the fastest in Jamaica?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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The fastest runner in Jamaica, and the world, is Usain Bolt.

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Usain bolt who can run a hundred metres in 9.58 seconds!

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Q: Who is the fastest in Jamaica?
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Who is the top 3 Olympic runners?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica is the first fastest Yohan Blake of Jamaica as well is the second fastest and Tyson Gay of the USA is the third fastest

Fastest human for sprint?

usain bolt from Jamaica usain bolt from Jamaica

Who is the fastest 100m in the world?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica

Who is the fastest most famous runner in Jamaica?

Usain Bolt

What island is the fastest woman and man from?

Jamaica snd the US.

Fastest runner in 2008 Olympics?

Yusain Bolt of Jamaica

Which is the fastest runner lf the world?

Usain Bolt from Jamaica

What country does the worlds fastest man come from?


Who is the fastst jamaican?

the fastest man in Jamaica is also the fastest man in the world. his name is Usain "lightning" Bolt. awesome dude. P.S. im jamaican. anything about Jamaica u can ask me

Who is the fastest woman from Jamaica who won in Olympics?

Shelly-Ann Fraser

What are the words to the song in cool runnings that Sanka sings?

some people say they no they cant believe Jamaica has a bobsled team we have the one Derice and the one junior yule Brenner and the man Sanka the fastest of the fastest Jamaica sprinters go to the Olympics fight for Jamaica

Who is the world fastest woman sprinting?

Shelly Ann Frasier of Jamaica