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  • that is not true because a person can't run a mile in 1 min you must be mistaking
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Q: Who is the man who ran a mile in 1 minute?
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Who ran a mile in 1 minute 44 seconds?

No one. The world record is 3:43

How do you work out the average speed if you ran a 7 minute mile?

Just write down exactly what you've included in the question, and eventuallysomething will look promising:--> 7 minutes per mile--> 1 mile per 7 minutes = (1 mile) / (7 minutes) = (1/7) (mile/minute)1/7th mile per minute is a perfectly good number for speed. But if it doesn't seem tomean much, you can convert it to miles per hour.1 hour is 60 minutes. So, whatever ground you can cover in one minute, you can cover60 times as much in an hour.(1/7) (mile/minute) x (60 minutes/hour) = (60/7) (mile/hour) = 8.57 mph

Calculating speed of 1 mile per minute?

It is 1 mile/minute or 60 miles/hour

1 minute mile?


If Robert ran 42 hundredths of a mile and Kenn ran 4 and 3 tenths of a mile who ran the farthest?

Kenn ran farther. Robert didn't even run 1 mile.

You ran a mile in 12 minutes What is the distance you traveled?

1 mile.

How fast are you going if you go 1 mile in 50 seconds?

well, if you were going 1 mile in 60 sec. you would be going 1 mile per minute. or, in this case, you would be going 5/6 of a mile per minute. (MPM, or miles per minute.)

Who ran the fastest commonwealth women's 1 mile?


How fast do you have to run for a 13.5 minute mile?

You must run at a speed of exactly [ 1 mile per 13.5 minutes ].To convert that to a more familiar unit:1/13.5 (mile/minute) x (60 minute/hour) = 4 4/9 mile/hour

If you ran a mile in four minutes what would your average speen in mph be?

There are 60 minutes per hour so speed is 1 mile divided by four minutes or 1/4 mile per minute. The multiply by 60 minutes per hour Speed = 1/4 x 60 = 15 mph

It takes 10 minutes to run 1 mile.What is the speed in miles per minute?

1 mile in 10 minutes equates to 1/10 of a mile per minute.

How far will you travel at 60 mph in 1 minute?

At 60mph you will travel a distance of 1 mile in 1 minute.