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I figured to not beat around the bush! Here is the answer directly from the celtics official homepage. It is hosted by and can be found using the following link: Jim Loscutoff "Loscy" was a hard-nosed standout for the Celtics, playing all nine NBA seasons with the Green and White...Helped lead the Celtics to seven NBA world championship titles, including six straight from 1958 through 1963-64...Had, perhaps, his best season in 1956-57 in helping lead the Celtics to their first title, by averaging 10.6 points and 10.4 rebounds per game...He asked that his jersey number (#18) not be retired so that a future Celtic could wear it - the number 18 was later retired in honor of Dave Cowens.

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Q: Who is the only Celtic player to have his name retired not his number?
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