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i think the 7 primes are the strongest toghether but out of that, kup is the strongest.

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Q: Who is the strongest transformer?
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Who is the the strongest transformer?

The strongest transformer is an old transformer named KUP he can kill optimus and megatron. Optimus admitted he is weaker than Kup

What is the strongest transformer?

the 13 primes

How strong is Optimus Prime?

Optimus Prime is the strongest transformer alive.

Is fallen the strongest transformer?

The fallen is a strong character, but he's not the strongest. I would say he is second strongest but Optimus Prime is the strongest. Even if he did get killed,he's still a prime and at the end he pwned megatron and killed the fallen with his hand but because the fallen is still a prime he's second most powerfulest.

What are some transformer types?

Some basic types of transformers are: Step up and Stepdown Transformer, Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer, Uses of Distribution Transformer, Instrument Transformer, Current Transformer, Potential Transformer, Single Phase Transformer, Three Phase Transformer.

What is a half transformer and a half transformer?

a hole transformer

Why induction transformer called rotating transformer?

Transformer has windings

What is no load transformer and load transformer?

When transformer is connected to a load i.e; some machine, it is called at on load or load transformer and when a transformer is not connected to any load it is called at no load transformer.

What are the classifications of transformer?

step down transformer and step up transformer.

Can you use ordinary transformer in place of auto transformer?

yes we can place auto transformer in place of original transformer

What is the difference between transformer and power transformer?

A transformer is something that can change.A power transformer is something from the Transformers films.AnswerA 'power transformer' is simply a category of transformer type. It is used in transmission systems as opposed to a 'distribution transformer' which is used in distribution systems.

What is the efficiency of a transformer?

The efficiency of a transformer

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