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It depends on what "5 thick" is: 5 inches thick, 5 feet thick, 5 yards thick, 5 miles thick etc.

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Q: Who many square feet will a yard cover at 5 thick?
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How many square feet will one yard of concrete cover at 1 thick?

27 square feet at 1 f thick

How many cubic feet do I need to cover 21000 square feet?

It depends how thin the cubic feet are. If they are 1 foot thick: 21,000 cubic feet. If they are 3 feet thick: 63,000 cubic feet will cover 21,000 square feet.

How many square feet will 0.8 cubic feet of mulch cover?

It will cover about 8 sq.feet if you spread it one inch thick.

How many square feet will a yard of concrete cover at 2 inches thick?

About 162sf.

How many square feet of asphalt does a ton cover at three inches thick cover at3 inches thick?

You have not said what substance you are using a ton of to cover the asphalt.

How many square feet will 1 cubic yard of bark chips cover?

27 square feet Answer. 15 square metres at 3 inches thick.

How many square feet will 1 yard of mulch cover at 3 inches thick?


How many tons of gravel to cover 800 square feet 3 inches thick?


How many square feet can one yard of compost cover at a quarter inch thick?


How many square feet will 3 yards of concrete cover at 4 inches thick?

One square yard is nine square feet, so 27 square feet is equivalent to 3 square yards. So 3 yards of concrete will cover 27 square feet.

How many cubic feet do you need to cover ninetynine square feet eight inches thick?

66 cu ft

How many square feet does one yard of cement cover?

It depends on the thickness of slab. A yard of cement contains 9 cubic feet. Thus, it would cover 9 square feet if the slab was 1 foot thick. For a 4 inch thick slab, it would cover 3 times as much area, or 27 square feet.

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