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What happens if carbon dioxide levels in the blood are too low

Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

What type of surface is the All-England championships at Wimbledon played on

Which of these sports features a competition known as the Grand Slam

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Q: Who own highest number of grand slams?
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Achievements that Roger Federer has made?

Where do I begin! He has won 16 grand slams, which currently stands as the highest number of grand slams won by any male ever! He has his own logo and if you buy the Guinness book of world records 2011 he's in there for lots of different things! Also his most recent win was at the O2 in London.

Who has scored the highest number of own goals in the premier league?

Richard Dunne of Aston villa

What information is on a masonic lodge seal?

Each Grand Lodge has its own seal. There will be similarities, but probably no two are the same. See the related link for the Grand Lodge Seal of Michigan.

What do grandparents expect from their grandchildren?

Their own grand grand children...

What kind of people go to poetry slams?

Those who love poetry, particularly those who love to show off their own poetry.

What year was the highest number of suicides recorded?

The highest number of suicide recorded in history, according to my data on my own island, it is 2004. I don't know about the other countries, states or islands. I believe there are different answers in different places.

Highest currency in the world?

In according to my opinion our own currency is highest currency......

Out of producers decomposers and consumers which has the highest number of organisms?

producers has the highest number and they are called autotrophs because they make their own food then the consumers are next which are called heterotrophs because they depend on other organism for food and the decomposers are on the top of the pyramid of numbers

How much does China own of the Grand Canyon?

All of the Grand Canyon belongs to the United States of America. China doesn't own any of it.

Who is the head of the Freemasons?

There is no single head of Freemasonry. Each Grand Lodge has its own Grand Master who is nominally in charge of the subsidiary lodges in that region; but he has no control outside of his own Grand Lodge's jurisdiction.

Who wins with highest two pair?

The person who has the highest two pair? You answered your own question.

Do the Chinese people own the Grand Canyon?

the Grand Canyon is a national park, owned by the govt

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