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chocolate milk

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Q: Who persuaded Euler to pursue math as a career?
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Who persuaded Leohnard Euler to pursue math as a career?

loise hay

What did euler discover?

Math ;) x

What career to pursue if math is a weakness?

professional golfer or prison really need to be more specific.

What did Leonhard Euler do for math?

Leonhard Euler made many contributions to math but the one thing he is most famous for is changing the base of the natural logarithim by using the letter e which is aka Euler's number

Who was the introducer of the math symbol e?

Euler created the symbol.

Who introduced the math symbol e?

Leonhard Paul Euler

What are three special skills you must master if you want to pursue a career in the field of geography?

they have to know math how to use high tech skills

What type of math is leonhard euler famous for?

Calculus and Graph Theory.

Did Leonhard Euler develop a type of math?

Euler made many contributions to virtually every area of math. His complete works fill a whole library shelf. You might say he invented graph theory.

Where can one find something about a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a math formula and information about it can be found in a math textbook or on Math Is Fun, Euler's Polyhedron Formula, Math Munch and Open Study.

Who was Euler? that is a website on him Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician who made extensive contributions to a wide range of mathematics and physics. Euler is also the name of a type of mathematical software.Eulers rule is: F+V-2=E f=faces, v=verticies, e=edges

Who came up with the little e in math?

Leonhard Euler, a aswiss mathematician, started to use the letter e for the constant in 1727. The first book mentioning it is Euler's Mechanica (1736)