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The Chinese

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Q: Who ruled Vietnam for over thousands of years?
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Vietnam was ruled by what country in 1883-1945?

France ruled over Vietnam from 1887-1954.

Is China an empire?

It was. Over thousands of years, many kings and dynasties ruled China.

Did the chinese rule Vietnam?

Yes, the Chinese ruled Vietnam for 1,000 years until 939 AD, China was defeated by Vietnam and had lost control over Vietnam. Vietnamese soldiers and civilians in Vietnam were ruled by chinese soldiers and then finally the vietnamese soldiers fought back against the chinese soldiers and China lost the significant battle against Vietnam.

Who was ruler the Nile River ruled by?

Over thousands of years by the Kings and Queens and rulers of the ancient world to the present day governments.

Who were the people who introduced rice cultivation to Vietnam?

China ruled Vietnam centuries ago (some sources say over 2,000 years ago), it's probable that Vietnam's agriculture may have been influenced by China.

Was India ruled by France for over 200 years?

It was the British who ruled over India.

What civilization was ruled by monarchs?

Many for thousands of years were ruled by monarchy. When Rome fell feudalism took over in the vacancy left by Rome and for a thousand years only monarchies ruled Europe. In Asia China was ruled by Emperors until the 1930’s. Ancient civilizations were ruled by monarchy and the pharaohs of Egypt are an example.

Which scenario describes an example of continuity over time?

China is ruled by a series of imperial dynasties for thousands of years. (APEX)

What was the nation ruled by Saddam Hussein?

He Ruled the nation of Iraq for over 24 years

Which empire ruled India for over 200 years?

British Empire ruled India more than 200 years.

How long has quenn elisabeth ruled over England?

Elizabeth ruled over England or 45 years from 1588 to 1543.

What has happened to Earth's magnetosphere over the thousands of years?

The Earth's magnetosphere has flipped. It is the opposite as it was thousands of years of go.

Which country ruled the Philippines for over 300 years?


Which pharaoh ruled for over 90 years?

Robert Salas

Who ruled France for over 70 years?

Louis XIV

What document has ruled America's for over 200 years?

the constitution

What rock moves over thousands of years and chisel?


Ruled Spain for over 700 years?

The Moors ruled parts of Spain from 711 until 1492.

Who was vietnam colonized by for over one hundred years?

The French.

How long has Vietnam been in the world?

Over 9000 years.

What moves very slowly over thousands of years and chisel away the Earth in front of them?


What is a sentence for dictator?

one dictator has ruled the country over the years.

The tutsi ruled over the hutu for more than 100 years?


How long has Grendel's mother ruled over the lake?

50 years

Which country was ruled by a single dynasty over 2000 years?