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Aristotle came up with the rule by few, rule by one, and the rule by many.

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Q: Who said rule by few rule by one rule by many?
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What are the 3 forms of government ruled by one ruled by a few ruled by many?

aristocracy- rule by the best oligarcgy-rule by the few democracy-rule by the many

Explain the typology of government based on rule by one few or many?

Government based on rule by one is generally a dictatorship. Government based on rule by a few is known as an oligarchy. Goverment based on rule by many is known as democracy.

What sort of government did Constantine live under according to Aristotle's classification system rule by one rule by few rule by many?

rule by one

Who was one of the few women to rule ancient Egypt?

who was one of a few women to rule ancient Egypt

What sort of government did Nero live under according to Aristotle's classification system rule by one rule by few rule by many?

Nerowas under the lawrule by few

Who said ''The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one?


When a country can produce many things but chooses to produce one main thing or just a few things this country is said to be?

When a country can produce many things but chooses to produce one main thing, or just a few things, this country is said to be

Did Batman say his one rule in Batman begins?

Yes . Batman said his one rule was that he does not kill .

What are some of the characteristics of unlimited Government?

anarchy has no government which means they have no rules which leads to chaos

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Why is Peter the Great called great even though his rule is known as a disorderly rule?

Several goldfishes went for a walk. One said hello. One said No fanks The other 5 said tidak sepuluh dai bibi tingu

Who ruled as oligarchy in ancient Greece?

Oligarchy means 'rule of the few' (Monarchy = rule of one, Democracy = people power) There were broad-based oligarchies where the propertied-class ruled, even though this was not a 'few'. There were also narrow-based oligarchies where only the richest held power. Aristotle said that the best forms of government were monarchy, aristocracy (rule by the best people) and democracy. He went on to say that these became degraded over time monarchy -> tyranny (rule by a tyrant), aristocracy -> oligarchy, and democracy -> ochlocracy (mob rule).

Is France ruled by one few or many?

is france ruled by one few or many

What are Plato's classification of governments?

Plato classified Governments into 5 types - 1. The Regal (Monarchy) 2. The Ambitious (Timoarchy or Timocracy) 3. The Oligarchic 4. The Democratic 5. The Tyranic 1 + 5 = Rule of One 2 + 3 = Rule of Few 4 = Rule of Many

One of egypts famous female rulers is?

One of Egypts few queens to rule that country is queen Neferetti.

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Who took power around 1500 BC and was one of the few women to rule Egypt?


In Egypt What was the name for a family that would rule for a few years or for centuries?

A pharaoh would rule Egypt. It was just one person that was usually (not always) a male.

What are some benefits for aloe vera juice?

Aloe Vera is said to have many health benefits. It contains many different vitamins, and in particular is one of the few plants that contain Vitamin B12. It is also said to aid the digestive process and to help detoxify the body.

What are two major typses of governments in ancient Greece and how were they set up?

Monarchy (= rule by one) - rule by a king, usually hereditary. Oligarchy (= rule by a few) - rule by an aristocracy. Democracy (= people power) - rule by adult male citizens.

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