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Q: Who sang you are the one your my number one?
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Who sang one is the lonelist number?

Three dog night.

Who sang make it with you?

Bread-1970 went to number one

Who sang hey there?

Number One hit for Rosemary Clooney in 1954

What rapper has been in and sang most number one songs?

Lil Wayne

Who sang the song ego?

There's one Beyoncé Ego and the number one hit single ego by the saturdays

Who sang you and misses Jones?

'Me and Mrs. Jones' went to number one in 1972 by Billy Paul

Who sang one shot?

Jls Sang one Shot

When was If No One Sang created?

If No One Sang was created in 1968.

Who is Lady Gaga's favorite person she's sang with?

yes it is Amanda Oconnor her number one fan

Who sang the 1960 Christmas hit I love you?

Cliff Richard - his fourth number one

What is the song drake sang in number one fan on drake and josh?

"Down we fall", check it out on YouTube (;

Who sang one time?

Justin Bieber sang the song "One Time."