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Alantic star song is called "Circles" you can find it at iTunes or on you tube

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Q: Who sings the song circles go round in circles from the 80's?
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Who sang the soul song circles it was a female vocalist the song goes circles go round in circles It was the early 80s?

Alantic starr

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Huey lewis and the news

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Al Greene sings this song, it is called, Take Me to the River. He released it in the year 1974.

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tu madre

Did Elton John sing your song in the 80s?

Yes. He still sings it to this day.

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Martine Girault But on iTunes, great tune!!

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A group that did sing a song titled Kiss and Tell was The Breakfast Club. Hope it's the one you were looking for.

Who sings the song called only so many tears?

Dokken had a song in the 80s called "So Many Tears". Would have to look up the album though....

Who sings feed the world the Christmas song from the 80s?

Band Aid - do they know its Christmas time/feed the world a Bob Geldof project you can find this song on you tube, Byron

Who sings The gospel song that has the lyrics the question is when is jesus coming back the answer is soon soon soon?

The Gospel group from the 80s called the Winans

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Macauley Schenker Group - 80s song

What is the name of this song with these lyrics Just like a door knob everybody gets turned round and round just keep on knockin but you cant get in It is a soulful song from the 80s for sure?

Touché - Just Like A Doorknob