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Tupac in I get around.

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Q: Who sings trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cent?
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Who sings get rich or die trying?

50 Cent

Cent is to dollar as what is to meter?

a dollar is a to a cent as a meter is to a

How much is fifteen percent of fifteen dollars?

15% of one dollar = 0.15 cent 0.15 x 15 = 2.25 Don't forget the $ sign though.

What fraction of one dollar is fifteen cent?

There are 100 cents in one dollar. Therefore, 15 cents is equal to 15/100 dollars, or, expressed in its simplest form, 3/20 dollars.

How many dimes in a half dollar?

5. a dime is 10 cent. and a dollar is 100 cent soo half of a dollar is 50 cent and 10 time 5=50 cent. :)

How many 001 of a cent to make a dollar?

001 of a cent = 1 cent and you will need 100 of them to make a dollar.

Is 50 cent related to creflo dollar?

50 cent is creflo dollar half brother

If you had a dollar for every dollar you had and you had one dollar but bought a 0.25 cent candy prior to the deal you just made how many dollars would you have?

Assuming that you did not get a cent for every cent you had, the answer is none.

What percent of one US dollar is 25 cent?

what percent of one U.S dollar is 25 cent?

What is the meaning of whole number of hundredths?

Think of it like this: one cent is one hundredth of a dollar. So fifteen hundredths is 0.15, just like 15 cents is $0.15

What is .001 percent of a dollar?

One thousandth of a cent. [One percent of a dollar is one cent.]

If Sixty is the quadruple of fifteen then One thousand is the what of ten?


Who sings baby byme?

50 cent

Who sings if you want it you got it?

50 cent

How many cent is equal to dollar?

There are 100 pennies (cent) to each dollar in US coin/currency.

How much is a Bahamians cent worth?

Bahamian's cent is worth the same as the American cent. The Bahamian dollar is worth the same as the American dollar too.

What is an antonym for cent?


What is the value of a 1972 1 cent dollar coin?

There's no coin called a "1 cent dollar". Because a cent is 1/100 of a dollar the two words have different meanings. Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question indicating whether it's a cent or a dollar.

How many cent are there in a dollar?

100 cents equal a dollar.

What is a 100 cent coin?

A 100 cent coin would be a dollar.

Does 001 equal one cent?

One cent = 0.01 dollar

1 cent equal to dollar?

1 cent is equal to $0.01

What is fifteen per cent of two hundred thousand?

30, 000

Who sings the song 21 questions?

50 cent

Name the people on the American coins?

1 cent Lincoln 5 cent Jefferson 25 cent Washington 50 cent Kennedy The Dollar coin will have many Presidents starting with Washington. The are also Indian dollar coins. There is also the Sacaguwea Dollar. How do you spell Sacaguwea any way?