Who started calculus?

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there was no sure answer about who started calculus but it was Isaac newton and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who founded calculus because of their fundamental theorem of calculus.

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Q: Who started calculus?
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At what age did Einstein learn calculus?

He started learning calculus when he was around twelve years old and had mastered it by the age of 15.

Who were the creators of calculus?

Many, many people have added to calculus, but Newton is generally recognized as having started the western study into it.

How many calculus courses are there?

High SchoolCalculus AB - Calculus 1Calculus BC - Calculus 1 + part of Calculus 2College:Calculus 1: Single variable calculusCalculus 2: Multi-variable CalculusCalculus 3: Vector CalculusCalculus 4: Differential Equation

Which is harder calculus or applied calculus?

Calculus; by a long shot.

Which is harder calculus 1 or differential and integral calculus?

Just about all of calculus is based on differential and integral calculus, including Calculus 1! However, Calculus 1 is more likely to cover differential calculus, with integral calculus soon after. So there really isn't a right answer for this question.

Is Elementary Calculus the same as Pre-Calculus?

Pre-calculus refers to concepts that need to be learned before, or as a prerequisite to studying calculus, so no. First one studies pre-calculus then elementary calculus.

In mathematics calculus is named after the latin for what?

It was named Mathematics after the latin because it first started in latin countries.

What is a synonym for calculus?

Calculus is calculus. There isn't really another word for it.

How you do calculus?

you do calculus good.

What is the plural form of calculus?

There are several meanings to the word 'calculus.' The plural for calculus is 'calculi.' There is no plural for the calculus we use in mathematics.

How do you use Calculus in a sentence?

My Calculus class is in third period. Calculus is a noun

Which is harder differential calculus or integral calculus?

Im still taking Integral Calculus now, but for me, if you dont know Differential Calculus you will not know Integral Calculus, because Integral Calculus need Differential. So, as an answer to that question, ITS FAIR

What are some examples of calculus?


How much do ESPN reporters make?

You know what i see calculus, calculus, calculus what movie is that from?

Is trigonometry part of calculus?

It is certainly used in calculus, just as calculus can be used in trigonometry.

How do you spell calculus?

Calculus is the correct spelling.

What is intermediate calculus?

calculus that is intermediate in difficulty

Is calculus a sport?

Calculus is a type of math.

Is calculus a cloud?

No. Calculus if a field of mathematics.

What is the importance of calculus?


What is harder geometry or pre-calculus?

Pre-calculus is supposed to be a stringent review of trig and algebra in preparation for calculus. So, pre-calculus, I would say.

Do you need precalculus to be successful in calculus?

yes. as the name implies, pre-calculus is essential in Calculus. Much of the trigonometry and the ideas will carry into the carious Calculus classes.

What does the medical term calculus mean?

Calculus in some contexts means stone (such as a urinary calculus or salivary calculus), or can mean mineral deposits on teeth.A calculus, in medicine, is a stone that grows in some organs - such as a kidney.

Does the SAT have calculus questions?

No, the original SAT test does not have calculus. The SAT Subject Test for Math 2 also does not have calculus.

When did euler discover calculus?

Euler didn't discover calculus. He made major contributions to calculus throughout his career, but the foundations of calculus were put forth by Newton and Leibniz.