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That's 1 and 2/3, which is a hair to the left of 1 and 3/4 which is halfway between 1 and 1/2 and 2.

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Q: Who toGraph 1.666 on the number line?
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Is 1666 a prime number?

no. there's 2

What is 01666 as a whole number?

01666 is the same as 1666 which is a whole number

Is 1666 a bad number?

No and it includes every symbol of the Roman numeral system in order because MDCLXVI equals 1666

What is the fraction of 1666?

fraction of 1666 = 1666/1

What numbers are divisible by 1666?

Multiples of 1666, like 1666, 3332, 4998 and so on.

What is the number 1666 in words in french?

mille six cent soixante-six

What is the smallest number to be written using all of the Roman numerals?

1666 = mdclxvi

Which century is the year 1666 in?

1666 is in the 17th century.

What is 1666 written in roman numbers?

1666 = MDCLXVI

Was 1666 a leap year?

1666 was not a leap year.

1666 G F of L?

1666, GF of L, yes, what about it? Great Fire of London was in 1666.

What is the phone number of the Brinkerhoff Home in Springfield Illinois?

The phone number of the Brinkerhoff Home is: 217-523-1666.

Does the order of the roman symbols affect what the number means?

Yes as for example MDCLXVI = 1666

What is the least common multiple of 49 and 34?


What you 1666 bad number?

666 is beleived to be bad because it referenced in the Bible, Book of Revelations as the number (symbol0 of the devil.

What is 1666 over 100000 simplified to?

1666/100000 = 833/50000

What did school children play with in 1666?

what did school children wear in 1666

Who was the king in 1666?

king Charles II (2nd)was king in 1666

What Beatle albums were released in 1666?

In 1666, none. In 1966, Revolver.

What is 25 percent of one thousand six hundred and sixty six pounds?

25% of £1666= 25% * £1666= 0.25 * £1666= £416.50

What is the phone number of the Del Mar Library in Del Mar?

The phone number of the Del Mar Library is: 858-755-1666.

Was the plague still around in 1666?

no it ended in 1666 by the great fire of london

What chief architect rebuilt London after the great fire in 1666?

Sir Christopher Wren designed a number of the large buildings after the great fire in London in 1666. After that fire it became illegal to have thatched roofs.

Did they have toilets in 1666?


What are the ratings and certificates for 1666 - 2011?

1666 - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R