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He was married to hettie.

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Q: Who was pip davenport married to?
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Related questions

When did Pip Davenport marry?

He married a woman named Hettie.

Who was Pip davenport born to?

Pip Davenport was born to Martha Davenport (maiden name: Perryman) and Oison Davenport on the 4th of January, 1850.

When did Pip Davenport die?

Year if Death Pip Davenport died in the age of what

When did pip davenport get married?

He married a lady named Hettie but I haven't got a clue what year !

How many children did Pip davenport have?

Pip Davenport had one child named George

Is Pip Davenport real?


Who is Pip Davenport?

Pip Davenport was an fairground ride inventor who lived from 1850 - 1920. He was married to a lady called Hettie and grew up in Slewsbury. No body had heard of him until he cropped up in a years 6 SATs test, where you had to make up and write a biography about him using only some vague details given to you.

What did pip davenport invent?

Pip Davenport invented a number of famous fun-fair rides. Some of his remarkable inventions are the flying saucer and the stallions.

What rides did Pip Davenport invent?

saw at thorpe park

Did pip get married in great expectations?

No, Pip is never married throughout the novel.

Who is Pip davenport Ride inventor?

he is a funfair ride inventor and he won a prize for his inventions

Is pip davenport a real person?

yes ,but monkeys are much much cooler anyway

When was Pip Davenport born?

He was born on the 4th of January in the year 1850 in a place called Slewsbury.

Who was Pip davenport maried to?

This question has already been answered elsewhere - see related link.

How did Pip Davenport die?

Make it up, maybe he died in a car accident, I don't know, I'm not superman

What career did Pip davenport have?

he helped his uncle henry at the fairground and studied in the night and created fairground rides and won prizes for it

What relationship does Joe have to Pip's sister?

They are married

What the relationship between joe and pip's sister?

Pip's sister is married to Joe Gargery in Great Expectations. She treats Joe and Pip quite rudely but Joe remains polite with her.

What are the rides Pip davenport invented?

i don't know why do you ask me you're the Mr know it all !you didn't give me a answer so humph

What place did wemmick take pip in Great Expectations?

I think the answer to your question is Newgate Prison. However, Wemmick also takes Pip to the Church where Wemmick gets married.

Because Pip feared that Estella had married and he did not want to have it confirmed how did he react?

avoided newspaper

Did hezekiah walker's ex-wife remarry a preacher?

Yes. She Married Pastor Jesse Davenport III

How many states have a town named davenport?

There are two states with a town named Davenport: Iowa and Washington.

What is Dick Smith's wife called?

Dick Smith, Australian entrepreneur, is married to Phillipa McManarney, or 'Pip'.

What did pip to for Herbert?

He help him to get married and he finds him a well-paid job, refusing to save himself instead.