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Joe Web(0.01 faster than Vick in the 40 yard dash).

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Q: Who was the fastest qb this year?
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Who the fastest qb in the NFL?

The fastest QB ever to enter the nfl is Michael Vick.

Who is the fastest qb ever in the NFL?

Josh Johnson

Who was the fastest QB in the nfl in 2005?

In 2005, it was probably Michael Vick, he was QB for the Atlanta Falcons at the time.

What qb won the super bowl the fastest?

ben rothlesberger

Who is the fastest college football Quarterback?

Denard "Shoelace" Robinson for Michigan is the fastest QB in the nation. He runs a 4.3 40. or Pat White for WVU he plays QB but is faster than most RB's he set a record for the most rushing yards for a QB EVER!

Who is the fastest NFL qb?

Historically Michael Vick, however currently it would probably be Minnesota's Tarvaris Jackson or Vince Young if he plays next year.

Fastest QB in the NFL?

It's hard to determine the fastest QB in the NFL especially sense they can change over time. But by far the fastest QB's are; Cam Newton, Michael Vick, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick. From online sources the fastest 40-yard dash was by RG3 (Robert Griffin III) with a 4.41. It also depends on your definition of "fast". If you mean running speed then the people I just listed are the fastest running QB's in the NFL at the moment (2014). For fastest touchdowns then Joe Flacco threw 5 TD passes from the start of the game in 16:03 minutes against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Who is the fastest qb in the nfl now?

Cam Newton because he raced a he won by 4 feet.

Who is romo's backup qb this year?

Tony Romo's Backup QB is Jon Kitna former starter for the Detroit Lions

What year did the NFL use radios in qb's helmets?


What year was Jeff rutledge qb redskins?


Who was backup QB for be Rothlesberger last year?

Dennis dixon

What year did Ken Coley QB for Alabama?


Who is the qb that retired last year?

Brett Favre maybe?

Can you be QB on your first year of football?

Well, technically yes but you are going to be on the bench until starter QB gets injured or tired.

When was Tim Tebow's first year at florida?

2006 as a backup QB

Who is the fastest quarterback in the NFL now that Michael Vick is not playing?

josh johnson, hes not actually in the nfl yet but hes in the combine. he runs a 4.27, making him the fastest QB. he went to the U of Sandiego.

Who is the fastest fifty-five year old?

Shahid Afridi made the fastest fifty in five year.

Who is the fastest player this year?

I always pick the fastest player each year by looking at the fastest 40 yard dash time of the combine that year and this year it was Darrius Heyward-Bay with a time of 4.30 seconds.

Who are the Top 5 fastest qb in nfl?

It is -- Michael Vick Pat White Vince Young Troy Smith Maybe Tony Romo.

Who was the fastest QB in the NFL to 100 touchdown?

Nick Rippy passed for 100 touchdowns in 34 games for the Dallas Cowboys from 2001-2003.

What was the fastest growing music format last year?

Vinyl records were the fastest growing format last year.

In the 2008 year who was the fastest bowler?

In 2008 Shohiab Akter Is the fastest bowler.

Who is the fastest runner of the year 2010?

jusan bolt is the fastest runner in 2010

How much did Brock Berlin Rams QB make last year?