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They get all of their music from various artists. But most of their songs are from infamous bands who are trying to become famous.

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Q: Who writes the music from twilight?
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Who writes the twilght books?

Stephenie Meyer writes the twilight books.

Who writes bring me the horizon's music?

Oli Sykes writes the lyrics, and the band writes the music.

Who writes the Pokemon music?

Junichi Masuda writes the bulk of Pokemon music.

An advice where the main character in the book twilight writes an letter?

On page 432 of "Twilight" Bella Swan writes a letter to Edward Cullen.

What do call a person who writes music?

A person who writes music is called a music composer or a songwriter. A singer-songwriter is one who writes, composes and sing their own music material.Someone who solely writes lyrics may be called a lyricist, and someone who only writes music may be called a composer.

Who writes Twilight?

Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight Saga Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight Series!!!!!!!!

Who writes john mayer's music?

He writes it himself.

What term is defined as a person who writes a piece of music?

A composer is a person who writes music.

Who writes the music for Legend of Zelda?

Koji Kondo is the guy that writes the music for zelda

What is a music artist?

Someone who writes the music

Who writes for TobyMac?

tobyMac mainly writes his own music.

Who writes Eminem's songs?

Eminem writes his own music

What do we call a person who writes songs?

A composer writes the music. A lyricist writes the words.

Who writes the best music?

It depends on what music you like.

Who writes a piece of music?

A composer.

Who writes music for musicals?


Who writes accordion music?


What does a lyricist do?

He puts, or writes words to songs.

Who writes the music for Fall Out Boy?

Pete Wentz (Bassist) writes the lyrics, and they all work together to write the music.

Does Labrinth write his own songs?

Labrinth writes and produces all of his own music and he also writes music for other artists.

Do keri hilson write her own music?

Yes she writes all or co-writes all her music and writes muisc for other artist Britney Spears, Beyonce, Diddy Etc....)

What is a composers?

A person that writes and performs music.

What is a person who writes music called?


Who is Jacques offenbach?

he is a composer who writes music

Who writes drakes music?

Richie Sosa.