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I donno

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Q: Why do we have ten fingers (In total) and ten toes (In total)?
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The total number of digits a human has?

Humans normally have ten fingers and ten toes, a total of twenty digits.

Is the sentence he has ten fingers and ten toes declarative a command interrogative or exclamatory?

It is declarative, as it is stating a fact.

Is there a song called ten baby fingers and ten baby toes?

Ten baby fingers and ten baby toes. w John Moore, m Werner James Losh

What comes in Sets of ten?

fingers toes

Why do people have ten toes and ten fingers?

because that's how humans are.

What kind of sentence is this he has ten fingers and ten toes?

It's a number sentence

How many toes do raccoons have?

squirrels are in the same family as chipmunks, and have but 5 fingers like us humans.

Do mother had one child but ten of these were born?

the answer is "Toes" 8 small fingers 2 toes

How many fingers at the maximum can you have?

You have ten fingers normally. In your feet you have toes and not fingers. The maximum number of fingers are not decided. In some languages like Marathi, you call toes also as fingers of feet. In Marathi language you call he or she to denote male and female animals.

Is the phrase he has ten fingers and ten toes a declaration or command?

I would say a are making a statement. Debi

What does the cowboy slang 'ten commandments' mean?

Cowboys loved a colorful phrase! This one refers to a cowboy's fingers or nails. Humans have ten fingers (and toes), so cowboys called them the ten commandments.

How many fingers do dogs have?

Unless the dog is a mutant it won't have fingers. You could call their digits "toes", in which case, a typical dog will have 4 toes on each hind leg and 5 toes on each front leg. The grand total is 18 toes. The front legs typically have 4 toes on the ground and a dew claw that doesn't touch the ground, which is to say, dog tracks show four toes.