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Ants use chemical signals to impart information to each other. This can be information is generally about food or predators. When you see them following each other they are following a chemical trail not the ants in front of them.

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Q: Why ants crawling and meet each other at the line?
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What is along line of ants called?

A line of ants is called an army of ants. They walk in lines because each ant leaves a scent which allows the ant behind them to find its

Why do ants travel in a line?

Ants always travel in a line because,a single ant which is in search of food release some chemical juice all the way such that all other ants can easily find the food by following the smell of the juice,that is why all the ants travel in a line.

A long line of ants is called a?

A Long Line Of Ants is called an Army of Ants

Why aunts walk in a line?

They are following a pheromone trail left by other ANTS.

What do you call a line of ants?

They are called a Swarm of Ants

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How are the ants able to go in line?

When an ant searches for food, it leaves a trail of pheromone. When it finds food, it heads back to the nest, leaving more pheromone. The other ants then follow the path of the pheromone. Keeping on that path is what makes them walk in a line.

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