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Because Latin was the language of the ancient Romans which is still used today and Roman numerals is the numerical aspect of the Latin language.

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Q: Why are Roman numerals still in use?
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Why do you still use roman numerals now?

Some use roman numerals because some doesn't know numbers, so instead it is roman numerals.

Do you still use roman numerals?


Are roman numerals still in use?


Where do you still see roman numerals in use today?

Roman numerals are still in use in the science field as well as to signify the Super Bowl year.

Why do we use roman numerals?

We still use Roman numerals today because they are the numerical aspect of the Latin language which is still used and spoken today.

What places still use roman numerals?

they use roman numerals in films to show you when it was made but i dont know about any countries that use it

What is 3604262 in Roman Numerals?

We still use Roman numbers today. One place where you often see Roman numbers is on a clock face. We generally make use of less of Roman Numerals.3604262 in roman numerals is MMMDCMMMMCCLXII.

What countries still use roman numerals?

A guy before me said "Rome". Rome, which nowadays is just a city, does not use Roman numerals. The correct answer is "none".

When do you use Roman numerals?

I use roman numerals in math

Why do you use roman numerals?

We use Roman numerals to represent numbers in a different way than the Arabic numerals (0-9). Roman numerals have been used historically and are still used today in certain contexts, such as numbering pages or chapters in a book or indicating the year in movie titles. While Arabic numerals are more commonly used for everyday calculations, Roman numerals are often used for symbolic or aesthetic purposes.

Were do you use romen numerals?

somemuseum's still use roman numerals or old buildings/castle's That's were you would find them.

Do people in this modern day still use roman numerals?