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Atomic numbers are always whole numbers!

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Q: Why are atomic numbers never whole numbers?
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Why is the relative atomic mass of chloride not a whole number?

Because relitive atomic masses are NEVER whole numbers.

Why are the atomic numbers on the periodic table not whole numbers?

The atomic number is always whole, atomic weight is not

Why are atomic numbers and atomic mass numbers always whole numbers?

The atomic nass is not always a whole number, but the atomic number is because its the number of protons and neutrons.

Why is the atomic number on the periodic tabe never a whole number?

The question is based on a complete lack of understanding as to what the atomic number is! They are always, without exception, whole numbers.

What element has the atomic number for 3.14?

No element has this atomic number. All atomic numbers are whole numbers.

Why are atomic numbers not whole numbers?

The atomic numbers of an element is the average mass of all that element's isotopes. Some elements have A LOT of isotopes. Sometimes, that average isn't always a whole number.

Why are all atomic numbers whole numbers?

The atomic number is the number of protons.

How are isotopes related to atomic masses not being whole numbers?

isotopes are elements of the atomic number but have different mass numbers.

Are atomic mass numbers whole?

Possibly yes, most are in decimal form but are rounded to the nearest whole number- then displayed on the periodic table. So the atomic numbers don't have to be whole Hope I helped

Why are the elements 94 through 110 in the periodic table whole numbers?

1. All the atomic numbers are whole numbers. 2. If you think to atomic weight of heavy radioactive elements (atomic numbers from 93 to 118) is a rule of IUPAC to indicate in square parenthesis, [], the atomic mass of the most stable or known isotope.

Is a atomic number a whole number?

Yes, atomic numbers will always be a whole number. The atomic number references the number of protons in the atom. Since there cannot be a in-between number of protons, the atomic number will have to be a whole number.

Why the atomic mass numbers listed for elements on the Periodic Table are not whole numbers.?

Why are atomic masses of elements not generally whole numbers? The atomic masses listed on the periodic table are a weighted AVERAGE of an element'sisotopes. ... An element's atomic number is the number of protons in its nucleus. Number of protons specifies atom type.

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