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no u should put them in the shape of a triangle stupid

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Q: Why are basketballs in the shape of a sphere?
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What things are a shape of a sphere?

Basketballs, Baseballs, Golf balls, some bouncy balls, a Globe, and things that carry that same shape. :)

Why are basketballs sphere?

Basketballs are sphere in shape because they need to be bounced at any time on anywhere. For example, if a basketball was square in shape, it wouldn't bounce would it! If a basketball is round and round, then any part of it would be able to bounce on a surface. Basketballs are also sphere so that they can fit nice and smooth in your hands. When they fit nice and smooth in your hands, it is therefore easier to throw them around and shoot.

What is the basketballs shape?

circular spherical shape

What are real world objects that have the shape of a sphere?

Balls. Basketballs, baseballs, softballs, ping pong balls, pall bearings, marbles...

What solid shape has no face?

Since a sphere is round it is a shape without a face.

Is a sphere the shape of the moon?

yes the moon is in the shape of a sphere

What is the shape of a ball?

sphere sphere

What shape is the sun?

what is the shape of the sun? the shape of the sun is a 3d shape and it is a sphere.

What geometric shape is a volleyball?


Is an egg a sphere?

No an egg is not a sphere. It is an ovoid. This shape is named after the shape of an egg.

What shape is geometric shape?

A sphere.

Is sphere 3D shape?

A sphere is a 3D shape. Here are some sphere facts: * A sphere has one face which wraps around the whole of it's shape. * A sphere is the 3D equivalent of a circle. * A sphere has no vertices or edges. CK x

What shape is a 3d sphere?

Every sphere is 3D. It's said to be "spherical" in shape.

What is the shape of a human eyeball?

A sphere, actually a sphere is wrong, its more of a teardrop shape....

What is a sphere shape look like?

A perfect sphere is a perfect round ball shape.

What shape has no sides and no corners?


Is Earth a sphere or an ellipse?

The shape of the Earth is a sphere.

What is the shape of Venus?

The shape of Venus is a sphere.

What shape is a globe?

The shape of a globe is a SPHERE.

Is a sphere a plane shape or a solid shape?

plane shape

What is Jupiters shape?

A Sphere

The shape of Uranus?

a sphere

What shape is a baseball?

A sphere.

The shape of an apple is?


What is the shape of an orange?