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So you can check your work afterwords. You know your answer is right if it is close to your prediction.

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Q: Why are inferring and predicting important steps in solving a problem or question?
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How are inferring and predicting related?

Inferring means when you explain or interpret the things you observe. Predicting means is when you predict that something is gonna happen. It's like a 50/50 chance it will happen, your predicting it. I think they are similar because you are both explaining what is gonna happen. For Inferring you're explaining the things that you have observed and for predicting you are explaining something that you think will happen. You both have evidence to back up the problem. AND THEN YOU WILL SUCK MY COCK

How does predicting the range of the product help in the problem?


When creative thinkers learn as much as they can concerning a particular problem they're in what stage of creative problem solving?

Hypothesis phase, predicting what is going to happen based on facts( scientific method)or in process phase where they are developing the question.

How does predicting the range of the product help in the problem solving?


What is a major problem with predicting earthquakes?

No single change occurs before all earthquakes.

How does predicting the range of the product help in problem solving E?


How does predicting the range of the product help in problem solving?

It helps by finding the product of 3

Why is it important to check your solution in an applied problem using the original words of the problem?

Because you may have read the question wrong

Is a major problem in predicting earthquakes is that no singe change in earth occurs for all earthquakes?

yes! that's true

Can too much free speech have negative consequences?

No. The problem with your question is who decides that there is "too much" and why. Your question leads to censorship and the freedom of speech is an important right.

Why does the possibility of sampling error present a problem to researchers when inferring a population from a sample?

The data will most likely not be representative of the population as a whole and therefore be unreliable, and have the researchers making bad conclusions

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