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Because the number would be too difficult to write down, remember, and

tell anybody else about.

Would you be able to easily follow driving instructions to your dentist's office, if

you were told to leave the Parkway at Exit 54, turn left, drive 2,174,894 millimeters

west, turn right at the traffic light, and then look for a parking space after proceeding

roughly 3,872,000 millimeters more ?

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Q: Why are long distances not measured in millimetres?
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How are distances measured in spain?

In SI units. Depending on the scale, they are measured in kilometres, metres, centimetres, millimetres etc.

How do you measure interstellar distances in EVE online?

Long distances are measured in AU in Eve Online. For short distances, it is measured in KM.

What unit is used to measure distances on land?

It depends on what you are trying to measure. Long distances usually are measured in miles. Survey distances usually are measured in feet.

Can volume be in measured millimetres?


What is measured with mm?


What objects can be measured in millimetres?

your finger nail can be measured in millimeters

What units are the distances measured in?

Some units, in order of increasing size are: nanometres, micrometres, millimetres, centimetres, inches, feet, yards, metres, kilometres, miles, light-year, parsec.

How are distances of planets measured?

they are measured in AU

What unit is rainfall measured in?

In USA it is measured in inches, in. In other countries it is measured in millimetres, mm.

What units are distances to stars measured in and why?

Usually such distances are measured either in light-years, or in parsecs.

What kind of distances are measured in millimeters?

Usually small distances. You may get rainfall measured in mm.

How are distances to ballpark fences measured?

The distances are measured from the tip of home plate to the bottom of the fence.