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Something to do with microbrains...

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Q: Why are microwave minutes longer than actual minutes?
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Why was the microwave such a great idea?

it made foods cook for less time.Like popcorn would have to be made by the fire and it could take longer than putting into the microwave for 10 minutes.

What wave is shorter than a microwave and longer than visible light?


How long does souffle take n microwave?

Significantly less than 24 minutes

Are microwave ovens light rays longer or shorter than light rays you can see?

Longer than light waves you can see.

How long do you microwave meringues?

Meringue should be cooked in less than two minutes in the microwave. See attached link.

Which is longer 1hour or 35 minutes?

1 hour is 60 minutes and therefore is longer than 35 minutes.

Is 250 seconds longer than 4 minutes?

4 minutes = 240 seconds 250 seconds is longer than that.

What type of wave is a microwave?

a microwave is an electromagnetic wave.================Answer #2:A microwave is a radio wave with a wavelengthless than 10 cm (frequency greater than 3 GHz).

What is the recommended replacement time for fuel filter on 2004 GMC Sierra 1500?

No longer than 10 minutes. No longer than 10 minutes.

If you were walking at the sunsetwould your shandow be longer or shorter than your actual height?

Generally longer.

What is a microwave radiation?

Radio with mm to cm range wavelengths. It is longer wavelength than IR.

How long is young wild and free?

Depends on what. the music video is longer than the actual song. the song is 3.29. three minutes, twenty-nine seconds long. Woo(: