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To balance out an even weight. each face of the structure is the same making each side equally weighing the same. ( giving the structure a centre of gravity).

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Q: Why are most structures symmetrical?
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How many body structures are symmetrical?

Eyes, nose, ears, face in general, legs, arms...

What is the most symmetrical of all mathematical curves?

a cirle is considered as the most symmetrical of all mathematical curve.

Does symmetrical distribution have multiple peaks?

It can have multiple peaks, but most symmetrical distributions do not.

Is a quadrilateral symmetrical?

No, most quadrilaterals are not.

What is the body symmetry of the paramecium?

Most jellys are axially symmetrical. Let's do a quick "thingie" to see what that is. Picture a dinner plate on a table. Stand a candlestick on it in the middle. That candlestick is the axis here, and the plate is symmetrical around or about the candlestick. Most jellys are symmetrical in that way.

Is a light bulb symmetrical?

Most light bulbs are symmetrical because it is easier to manufacture symmetrical objects, and because the light from a symmetrical bulb is emitted in a symmetrical pattern. However, light bulbs do not have to be symmetrical and some non-symmetrical bulbs are made for special purposes. Generally, it is only symmetrical across only one axis. If you divide from globe to base in the direct center, the other half should be the same.

Is a circle symmetrical?

a circle has infinite line of symmetry, if you spin it, it has still got infinite linesso yes it is symmetrical

What most formal type of balance?

Symmetrical Balance

What is the most formal type of balance.?

Symmetrical balance.

Are biological membranes symmetrical?

Most biological membranes are asymmetrical

What is the worlds most symmetrical building?

The Taj Mahal in India

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None. Even the most symmetrical face is not totally symmetrical. And since the heart, stomach, liver etc are on one side of the body, the internal organs are certainly not symmetrical.