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To provide a consistent format for statisticsin a power of base ten. Also, it can be more friendly for people to understand. People might think it easier to understand 22.97% than215/936.

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Q: Why are percents used in statistical graphs rather than fractions?
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Can you use fractions rather than math?

I am not sure at what you are getting at, but fractions are a math component.

What does statistical significance refer to?

Statistical significance refers to when a statistical assessment of observations reveals a pattern rather than random chance. In simpler terms it means when well observing or recording a set of data you recognize that somethings happens all or most of the time rather than by random.

What is Graphic method?

It is a method of solving equations (or inequalities) using graphs rather than analytical methods.

What life would be without fractions?

To some, life would be absolutely amazing without fractions! A whole lot of people hate fractions and would much rather just use decimals all of the time.

How do you make a line plot using fractions?

A line plot can be made using fractions. Just use fractions rather than whole numbers or other data to mark the scales of the horizontal axis and vertical axis

What is 18.75 percent in a fraction?

18.75% = 0.1875 are fractions. They are fractions in percentage or decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop them being fractions. Their rational equivalent is 1875/10000 which can be simplified, if required.

Why are fractions important?

why are fractions importanrt? The answer is rather simple... 1) some people prefer using fractions over decimals. 2) fractions are easier to read. and that's all I know Hope this helps

What are the uses of a bar graph?

Bar graphs can be used to easily compare data that are relevant to one another. An example is numbers from a science experiment. Bar graphs are good at showing quantities rather than change that is shown on a line graph.

Why is it important to write the answer in simplest form?

Because most people find it easier to work with fractions involving small numbers rather than equivalent fractions involving large numbers. They would rather use 1/6 than try to work with 261/1566.

What statistical measure is not a summary number but rather a comparison between each data value and a single number?

Standard deviation

How is subtracting fractions different from adding fractions?

In subtraction you take away rather than add. Also, addition is commutative, subtraction is not so the order of the numbers does matter for subtraction.

How did the Egyptians justify the fact that the fractions of the Eye of Horus did not add up to 1?

They didn't. It isn't supposed to add up to one, rather fractional amounts can be formed by adding various combinations of the fractions. If the eguptions needed to represent the value 1, they wouldn't do it with fractions.

How are fractions used in music?

The answer is rather long and involved. It would help if you could narrow the question a little.

What is a bar graph used for?

Bar graphs are used to graph frequencies or amounts of data in discrete groups.Bar graphs are used to display data in a similar way to line graphs. However, rather than using a point on a plane to define a value, a bar graph uses a horizontal or vertical rectangular bar that levels off at the appropriate level.

Why use mixed numbers in fractions?

In a practical sense, sometimes it is better to have whole units rather than just pure fractions. it gives a better idea of "how big" is the thing. Having only fractions could be hard to compare (and thus make decisions based on those measurements)

Why do you think graphs are a useful way to display information?

A majority of people find it easier to grasp visual information rather than tables of numbers.

Why is their fractions in music?

They are not fractions, but rather the time signature. The top number is the amount of beats used out of the bottom number, the total amount of beats. So in essence, yes it is a fraction

What is statistical significance?

this is when there is a 95% chance that a discovery is wrong.Science does not try to prove something is right rather it tries to prove there is a high margin of being wrong.

What is different about how metric numbers are represented?

Metric numbers are represented using decimal places rather than fractions usually.

Suppose that rather than being just a bar graph the display you see above is a relative frequency bar graph The vertical axis of the graph will be marked off in percents from 0 percent up to 30 pe?


Why do you make a graph?

Graphs give you a pictorial version of numerical information. For most people, it is easier to perceive changes in information through images, rather than numbers.

What is the minimum number of hypotheses necessary for a statistical test?

The minimum number is two: the hypothesis which you wish to test and alternative to that hypothesis. The latter may be rather loosely described.

Why would you use a pie graph instead of a bar graph?

Pie graphs are better for percentages rather than a bar graph. Bar graphs are better for showing amounts. Less than half Also, pie tastes so much better than a bar. if u no what i mean

Mean Mode and Median?

... are statistical measures. If you wanted a more specific answer you should have asked for what you wanted rather than simply place a question mark at the end of some words!

How do you do operations involving fractions?

That depends what operation you need to do: you have to learn separately how to add and subtract, multiply, divide, simplify, and expand fractions. Since this is a rather long topic, I suggest you review your school books, or check some online resources. See the related links for one of them.