Why are repeating decimals common to get after dividing?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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all rational fractions are repeating. When you divide, eventually the remainder will repeat and then will the sequence

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Q: Why are repeating decimals common to get after dividing?
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How many times can 75 go into 79 with dividing decimals?

1.053333 repeating times.

When dividing one number into another repeating decimals are the result of having no remainder true or false?


Why are negative repeating decimals, rational?

If you convert repeating decimals into a fraction, you see that the repeating decimals are rational.

What are 5 examples of non terminating repeating decimals?

terminating decimals repeating decimals

What are the different kinds of decimal?

terminating decimals non terminating decimals repeating decimals non repeating decimals

What is the definition for the word non-repeating decimals?

Non-repeating decimals is not a word but a phrase. Non-repeating decimals are irrational numbers.

What are signs for decimals?

terminating decimals and repeating decimals

How do you say repeating decimals in German?

Repeating decimals is periodische Dezimalzahlen in German.

Why these decimal representations are called repeating decimals?

Not all decimal representations are repeating decimals.

Are terminating and repeating decimals irrational numbers?

Terminating and repeating decimals are rational numbers.

Did Albert Einstein invent repeating decimals?

No, Albert Einstein did not invent repeating decimals.

Is decimals ratios?

Terminating and repeating decimals are.