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Q: Why are results precise but not accurate?
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Systematic error produces results that are precise but not?


How do you explain how results can be precise but not accurate?

Results can be precise to the exact feat done. The results of a lab test are precise to everything that influenced, or interfered with the end result. The results of the same lab test may not be accurate for what is it being tested for.

Can a number be accurate but not precise?

no only if it is precise it is accurate

What is the importance of blank titration?

it is mainly used to find out the errors, hence serve as a useful tool in precise measurements and accurate results.

Are 76.48 cm 76.47 cm and 76.59 accurate or precise?

These numbers are precise, as they are all close together. If any one of these are accurate, then this group of numbers can be considered precise and accurate.

Does the word precise means careless?

precise means accurate

What measurement is more precise and accurate?

What determines how precise a measurement is

What is a Systematic?

Systematic error is the difference between the actual value of what is being measured and the value you found. The results of systematic error are precise but not accurate.

Which measurement is more precise 57 57.2 57.21 or 57.213?

The word accurate is a synonym for precise. So the most accurate (or precise) answer would be 57.213 because it is more accurate if the number is not rounded.

What is harder word of accurate?


Would it be more important for your car speedometer to be accurate or precise?

Accurate or precise are one and the same to which the automotive speedometer would never be.

Is it possible for an observation to be accurate but not precise?